Code: DM2760500



Ingredients :
Tryptone 17.00
Proteose peptone 3.00
Beef extract 5.00
Oxgall 10.00
Sodium chloride 5.00
Esculin 1.00
Ferric ammonium citrate 0.50
Sodium azide 0.15
Agar 15.00
Final pH (at 25°C) : 7.1 + 0.2

Principle :
This highly nutritious medium because of presence of tryptone, proteose peptone and beef extract.
Sodium azide inhibits growth of gram-negative organisms and permits the cultivation of faecal
Streptococci. Esculin hydrolysis and bile tolerance permit isolation and identification of group D
Streptococci in 24 hours. Agar is the solidifying agent.

Directions :
Suspend 56.65 grams in 1000 ml distilled water. Heat to boiling to dissolve the medium completely.
Sterilize by autoclaving at 15 lbs pressure (121°C) for 15 minutes. Cool to 45-50°C. Mix well and pour
into sterile Petri plates.