BIOCHEM Chemopharma 2015-16 - page 144

Or d e r i n g I n f o rma t i o n
To simplify the order process, please
include your customer number, as well as
the product number and packing size
listed in our catalogue or in our
2.Prices and price changes
All quotes are in EUR, Seller’s
Place. Special packing charges will be
added to the invoice.
Since we try to ship all orders the day of
receipt, shipment will be made promptly
even if prices have been nominally
increased (unless you tell us not to). Price
reductions will automatically apply to the
We will promptly quote on your needs,
giving current prices and estimates of
insurance and freight charges.
Orders which cannot be delivered from
stock are acknowledged, with an
estimated delivery time, which may be
subject to alteration.
All consignments are dispatched at the
risk of the consignee. This included
coverage provided by the shipping
carrier. Charges are to the customer’s
6.Claims for lost or Damaged
If you should need assistance in filing
a claim for lost, incomplete or damaged
shipment,we will be happy to help you.
Please inspect packages immediately
upon receipt and inform our Sales
Department of any shortage or damage
within 3 days of receipt.
7.Return Shipments
We will not accept return shipments
unless we have given prior written
permission and shipping instructions.
Returned shipments must pass all current
packing and transportation regulations.
8.Bulk Quantities
Most of the chemicals listed in this
catalogue can be supplied in larger
quantities. Contact us for prompt
quotation on price and delivery.
9.Custom Synthesis
We are constantly adding new products
and welcome suggestions.
If you require a chemical not listed
in our catalogue, we will consider making
it as a custom synthesis.
10.End User Statement
For certain chemicals we may ask
the buyer to provide written assurance
that the chemicals will neither be
purchased nor resold for an improper
use. We will consider requests for
commercial use of our products. Please
contact our Sales Department.
Throughout this catalogue we list
possible uses for certain chemicals
as described in the referenced literature.
These uses are provided for experimental
or technical purposes only; that is, use in
the laboratory under supervision of a
technically qualified person. We
expressly disclaim any warranties of
merchantatability and fitness for a
particular purpose.
International customers
Tel : (+33) 3 .
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82, Avenue du 85eme de Ligne
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