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This is a user-friendly site brimming with useful tips and information.
The full BIOCHEMCHEMOPHARMA catalogue of chemical products
and reagents is now available online ! Find all the information about products, safety, get
familiar with useful tables and data for everyday laboratorywork and benefit from live online
updating of all data, a featurewhich could not be provided by the printed catalogue !.
Quick access
Easy surfing, efficient search engine, online reply to numerous questions about chemistry,
the site aims at being user-friendly and practical. Are you looking for a product? You can find
it through its full formula, key words or part of its name... You will also find it possible to
download safety technical files and up-to-date analysis certificates.
Useful tables for labwork
It is always better to find accurate information than being left without a clear idea of things...
Fromnow on, you won't need to hesitate anymore : the main facts and figures related to lab
work are handy on theweb, such as :
- Periodical classification of elements,
- Elementary physico-chemical and inorganic compounds features,
- Solutions,
- Buffer indicators,
- Temperature indicators,
- Organic solvents,
- Elements determination physical method,
- Units conversion tables,
- Natural constants.
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