Product Quality

Reliability and dependability are distinctive features of BIOCHEM CHEMOPHARMA products.

Successful audits carried out by the public administration and customers have confirmed that we have stood up to the high requirements of our own quality standards, which spurs us to keep improving by the advancing time.

We have the specific requirements of our customers in mind, whether for supplementary parameters or for proper certificates or special package. Of course, it goes beyond saying that our service includes individual help and on-time delivery of orders concerning our line of products.

Safety of use within your premises is guaranteed by our constant results for each batch, our specific analysis certificates concerning specification complying batches, as well as by our including a use-by-date mention and a notice explaining how to store the unopened package.

Our range of qualities and products allows for use for a fairly wide range of applications. Our services will willingly answer your queries.

  • Gradient Gradient reagent

  • HPLC High performance liquid chromatography reagent

  • AR Analytical reagent

  • Spectroscopy UV transmittances and subject to strict IR-spectroscopic tests

  • LR Laboratory reagent for general use.

    • For synthesis reagent
    • For biochemistry reagent
    • For electrophoresis reagent