Product PAcking Options

Packing is meant to protect both humans and the environment. Products must be packed in an appropriate way to allow for proper shipping , storage and use by the customer. Prior to issuing a product on the market, numerous checks are carried out to ensure stability for primary packing and reagent quality over a prolonged storage period after shipping.

Concerning hazardous substances shipping, BIOCHEM CHEMOPHARMA packing technicians continually check and optimize packing so as to be provided with relevant authorizations (=N° UN). The following criteria are taken into account :

  • Meeting all safety requirements,

  • Meeting quality requirements, even after prolonged storage,

  • No interaction between packing material and packed substance,

  • No unalloyed reagent contamination,

  • Practical packing,

  • Environmental friendly packing.


Relevant packing and reference order explanations follow:

Plastic Container

2.5 L, 5 L, 10 L and 25 L PEHD containers are used for acids, bases and aqueous solutions. These come in black colour when light-sensitive products are involved. Connecting and sampling are also available.

Aluminum flasks

Aluminum flasks are used in part for some solvents as unbreakable packing. Benefit : 100% leak free.

Glass Flasks

As glass is inert matter, it is fit for use with corrodents. Glass flasks come in brown colour, which will help protect light-sensitive products. Being watertight and impervious to vapour, they allow for great stability and henceforth prolonged storage. They are fitted with an S 28 or S 40 sealing system. Glass flasks for solids are fitted with an S 60 or S 85 sealing system. Benefit: optimal imperviousness, pressure stability. Glass flasks are shipped in UN cases with adapted inner casings (polystyrene or corrugated cardboard).

Plastic Flasks

Most plastic flasks are made of high density polyethylene (PE HD). They are partly tinted to allow for protection against UV rays (white for solid substances and black for liquids). Thanks to their inbuilt grip, 2,5L and 5L PE flasks for liquids are easy to handle when working with contents. Flasks intended to hold liquids are fitted with an S 40 closing system from 250 ml packing, flasks intended to hold solid substances are fitted with a large opening to allow for more convenient sampling (S 85 closing system).

Metal drum

25 L and 190 L disposable metal drums come with corrosion-resistant product-compatible inner coating. They are mainly used for organic solvents.

Stainless steel drum

10 L, 25 L and 190 L stainless steel drums are used to store «unalloyed» organic solvents, «for synthesis» and «for analysis». Benefit : perennial service packing, optimal draining using specific sampling techniques. It is advisable to upturn the containers as soon as they have been emptied.

Plastic drums

200 L PEHD plastic drums are fit to hold any acid substances, aqueous solutions and bases and are fitted with ¾ or 2-inch openings. A great variety of sampling systems are adaptable to them. Benefit : easy sampling, optimal draining

Fiber pad drums

Fiber pad drums are Kraft paper packing items fitted with several layers for solid substances averaging a volume of 30 – 200 L. The bottom and the top are made of other material such as wood or metal. To be noted : low weight, great stability.